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This old apartment combines vintage design with colorful accessories and a lot of art. Click here for a guided tour of the apartment!


The design concept for the design of the old flat in Berlin combines concept and functionality. Each room has been furnished with customised elements to give it an individual character. The basic colours of the living room are light and dark grey, which can be complemented as desired with bright spots and bold splashes of colour to create different moods. This is made possible by coloured lampshades, pictures and a purple sofa. A cool alternative to a normal kitchen is a kitchen island with a direct view of the outside, where crockery can be stored and you can sit around comfortably. It also offers space for beautiful accessories.

Living and dining area cleverly combined

When the extraordinary is combined with the best, the new +VENOVO model from Poggenpohl is a minimalist revelation for every aesthete. The narrow kitchen island stands on brackets that completely encircle the carcase and appears to float delicately in the room. An additional support in the middle area is not necessary. The monolithic kitchen unit has a graceful appearance thanks to the invisible supporting frame and can be positioned anywhere in the room without taking up too much space.

The kitchen radiates lightness, elegance and individuality full of character. With this captivatingly beautiful and uncomplicated model, Poggenpohl has succeeded in blurring the traditional boundaries between kitchen and living. The kitchen island is not only an open component of the kitchen, but also a spacious meeting point for working, eating and socialising. +VENOVO can be designed in such a way that it corresponds to people’s current lifestyles.

+VENOVO is a successful combination of furniture and kitchen that unites elegance and modern flexibility. It is a free-standing kitchen unit that houses everything from the oven to the sink. It is not based on classic kitchen planning with clearly defined areas, but on an open-plan layout. If the owner also finds his way out into the wide world from here, he can easily have +VENOVO rebuilt in a new home in the event of a move. Perhaps in a factory loft or a hut in the mountains? The latest series +VENOVO makes a contribution to the increasing urbanisation and mobility of today. It offers long-lasting quality and maximum flexibility: +VENOVO




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